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Prograde Prograde is the relative forward motion through space. My eighth grade year was a momentous shift in my life. I had a life altering hospital visit. I was diagnosed with an inflammatory bowel disease called Crohn's. Crohn's is something called an autoimmune disorder, which basically means my immune system attacks my gastrointestinal tract more than just breaking down foods. It eventually eats away at my intestine until it deteriorates. Sadly, when I first noticed I had Crohn's, it was too late for a portion of my intestine. When I entered the hospital I thought i just had severe stomach cramps, when I left I had about a foot less intestine. From that moment on, my future was all I could think of. I was honestly terrified for what was to come as an adult. I would always have to deal with stomach aches and live in constant fear that those stomach aches were not more ruptured intestine. I would also have to take medicine every day twice a day, something I had never had to do. Worst of all, it was forever, there was and is no cure for Crohn’s disease. …show more content…

I thought, well if there is no cure, why don't I just find one. I started doing more research on precisely what disease I had and various things about it. That is when I first began really thinking about who I wanted to become. More specifically, what I wanted to become. I wanted to become a biomedical researcher, discover why people get Crohn's, and how to cure my own

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