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Our gastrointestinal tracts work hard to keep us healthy and happy. When gut health is compromised, we can face major health consequences. Here’s how to use good nutrition to keep your digestion humming along. “Heal the gut and you heal yourself.” – Gerard E. Mullin, MD At least 70 million people in the U.S. suffer from some sort of digestive illness (not including heartburn), and digestive problems account for nearly 10% of all healthcare spending. The hard-working gut allows nutrients and water to enter the body while preventing the entry of toxins/antigens. It’s a selective barrier between “us” and the outside world. But a distressed gut can’t act in our defense. Instead, it allows dangerous compounds to enter the body. That’s where nutrition can come in. The right …show more content…

infections from H. pylori and E. coli), which can compromise gut health for up to three years; parasites, yeast, stress (acute & chronic); and environmental contaminants. Gut feelings Our gut communicates with all cells in the body, which means that disturbances in the gut can show up as disturbances in the brain (and vice versa). As a matter of fact, the brain actually kicks off digestion before the gut — we secrete acids and digestive enzymes before even swallowing the first bite of a meal! In addition, our emotions influence gut health. When you’re afraid, your brain and gut know, and your digestion slows down. Ever had the experience of not being able to eat when you’re feeling especially anxious? That’s because blood flow and enzyme production in the gut are limited during stress. At rest, the gut receives over half of all organ blood flow, but during exercise, blood flow to the gut can drop to less than 20% of this resting value. Lack of blood flow to the gut during digestion can lead to increased intestinal

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