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The yeast menace is known by several different terms, candidosis, yeast infection,monilia and thrush. Symptoms of yeast infections are vast, however there are some that are more obvious, these include chronic tiredness, cystitis and thrush that continues to come back even after you have treated it. Some other symptoms which are not as obvious include, anxiety,mood swings, fluid retention ,allergies,depression,inability to loose weight,constipation, diahorrea, PMS, acne and dermatitis as well as hypoglycaemia. With a list as exhaustive as this, it's easy to see why it's deemed one of the most debilitating immune deficiencies and nutritional disorders of our time, As with any infection, one or many of the symptoms may exist, however, advanced …show more content…

The other 20% are made up of Candida albicans. Yeast lives all over our body and is a single cell organism, it also resides in the mucous membrane that lines the gastrointestinal tract and is hugely present in the colon. Yeast will take every opportunity to proliferate and normally, our gut friendly bacteria ensure that the levels are optimal, but when these factors are affected , yeast will multiply. Multiplication of yeast is caused by several factors , a nutrient poor diet and stress will suppress our immune systems and upset the balance of friendly bacteria. Antibiotics used to treat ear,nose and throat infections (tetracycline and vybramycin ) will eradicate all the friendly bacteria (acidophilus, bifidus, bulbous etc) in the colon. Yeast will feed on sugar, damp conditions and environmental moulds will all cause it to multiply. Some individuals will have a high threshold and will only suffer mild symptoms, but those with poor diet, living conditions and regular antibiotic use will be more susceptible. There is a 10:1 ratio of women to men that will suffer from candidosis ,primarily due to the female sex

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