Hsc300 Unit 6 Training

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Part D: Training needs identification research
Explore the range of opportunities there are for providing the training to staff e.g. in house training, coaching and mentoring, external training, etc. You should explore at least one external opportunity and construct an email that you might send to an external training provider seeking information about the training. Your email must be written clearly and respectfully. Include a copy of the email as an appendix to the one page report as indicated below.
(Students please provide detailed explanation for the following options)
• Cross-training: training in 2 fields at the same time to improve proficiency levels in areas such as being a supervisor in the production process and cross checking any …show more content…

This could affect the way people do their job as they are being distracted by the noise. As for the chair, it could cause long term damage to the person’s body as they are not seated correctly
• The aircon is dripping water: this is dangerous as water could leak onto an electrical cable in the air con which could trigger an electrical shock among an individual in close proximity to the air con.
• Audit boxes still in office: anyone could fall over the box as they are walking around the office.
• There are a lot of cables from the new computer installation that are getting under people 's feet. Sarah knocked a plug out the other day with her foot: Sara could trip and fall leading to an injury depending on the way she falls down. Cables should be tried up and put in a safe place where they will not injure any employees working with a computer
• Health and safety information is not up to date: this is dangerous as people at work will get misinformed about safety methods that are out of date causing injury when there was actually no need for it.
• Emergency procedures is not up to date: people may actually get injured if an emergency does happen as they are misinformed about evacuation

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