NMC Code Of Competence In Nursing Care

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The NMC code states that ‘all nurses must work within the limits of their competence’. (NMC, 2015) This means that actions such as the aseptic procedure, should not be carried out unless the individual feels they have the confidence and competence to carry out the task, without increasing the risk of introducing infection through limited knowledge. (NMC, 2015) However, there are care activities that must be carried out as part of the nursing role which all nurses must show competence, including handwashing (Dougherty and Lister, 2011). As stated in the health and safety at work act etc. (1974), all healthcare staff are legally required to take reasonable and practical safety measures to protect themselves, other staff, and anyone else who may be at risk within the workplace. (HM Government, 1974) This means that all staff must adhere to the policies and procedures within their workplace and ensure that any information regarding risk to others is displayed clearly. This also coincides with the NMC’s code of conduct in regards to competence and knowledge. It is vital that all nurses have a professional and ethical responsibility to ensure that their knowledge and…show more content…
Simple tasks such as handwashing is carried out by many as part of their daily routine, however, the term infection control is most commonly used in relation to healthcare, with reference being made to preventing patients acquiring common infections that are most often associated with healthcare, such as wound infections and the prevention of cross infection from one person to another. (Dougherty and Lister,
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