Reflection Of Interview In Nursing

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T. S. Eliot (1943) once wrote, “We had the experience but missed the meaning”. We can have all the experiences in the world, but if we missed out on reflecting, how would we be able to find the meaning? In this reflection of an interview we were tasked to complete, I will be adopting Gibbs’ (1988) reflective cycle to help me in the describing, exploration of feelings, evaluating analysing, identifying implications, before concluding and writing the action plan.
2.1 Description
A component of the Effective Communication module, is an Inter-professional Education (IPE) enrichment activity and we were put into groups with the Pharmacy students. There were in total 2 Nursing students and 3 Pharmacy students. We were tasked to interview a healthcare professional. We interviewed Dr Edwin Lim from Tzu Chi Free Health Screening and Free Clinic (TCFC). He specialises in Family Medicine. Prior to working in TCFC, Dr Lim used to open his own private clinic before deciding to commit full time of voluntary service to the poor and needy. This interview was conducted in the same consultation room, he uses to see his patients.
There were three meetings prior to the interview, mainly to conduct the initial planning; brainstorm and streamline interview questions; final preparation. In this age of connectivity, we chose Google Drive™ online storage service as our online cloud sharing platform and WhatsApp Messenger as our social group chat

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