Gibbs Reflective Essay On Health And Social Care

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Reflection is like looking in a mirror and describing what you see. It’s about thinking back to an experience and questioning what I did, and emotions that I felt during the experience, and then reflecting on a better and more sufficient way of doing it in the future (UNISON, 2016). Gibbs Reflective Cycle is the model that I have chosen to use while reflecting back on the module “Learning from service users and carers”, Gibbs believes that this module is useful for helping people learn from what that they experienced. He calls this “Learning by Doing” (Mind Tools, 2016). When finding out that a module I would cover on the social work degree was learning from service users and carers, my initial thought was care homes and carers within them. I then questioned myself, how will this benefit me when my area of interest is Mental Health? Therefore started the module on a negative. However, soon after realised the great impact the module had on developing my skills, knowledge and values for my future role …show more content…

Hearing negatives from service users at times made me feel that it was impossible to achieve as a social worker as I never heard any positive feedback. I do feel it would have been beneficial to hear from someone who was really happy with the support that they had received from social services just to give us the incentive that it is possible to make positive changes. However, I feel that I am now more determined because of negative feedback to be a positive influence when I become a social worker and be the best that I can be. According to The New Social Worker (2016), It is important to be mindful that hearing from service users and their advice on how we should be as social workers is their view and opinion on what they fell would have been best for them, everyone is a unique person and will require different services and tactics in every

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