Reflection Of Reflection In Nursing

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Reflection guided by Gibbs ' intelligent cycle empowers understudies to highlight on the positive and negative parts of what happened. This will improve the estimation of understudy learning methodology (Doody, Mcinerney & Linnane, 2012). As per Levett (2010), reflection is paramount to guide us in our every day exercises by recognizing our considerations and information. I trust that this reflection activity will help me see all the more about my flaws and enhance it and turn into a decently prepared nurse.


According to the information that we were given, Mr Lim had a stroke with a right side weakness, sacral wound infected by Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) and last vital signs taken was 4 …show more content…

I have failed to know when to wear and when not to wear PPE. Inappropriate wearing of PPE will cause patient’s fear. Besides that, when Mr Lim questioned, “ why are you wearing full gown? Am I very dirty? I feel very isolated. “ I know that I need to explain to him what is MRSA and the reason for wearing gown but I realized that my knowledge for MRSA is too limited and I only replied, “ Don’t worry Mr Lim, this is to prevent the germs from spreading from you to others and others to you. “ I think the way I answer his question sounded unsure and incompetent due to lack of confident. This will cause the patient to think that I’m not …show more content…

Based on the standard of practice for nurses and midwives, standard 1 stated that nurses are required to apply their professional knowledge during practice. It is also important to always have a reason for your act as you do and knowing the consequences of doing it (Benner & Sutphen, 2007). If I had more knowledge about MRSA, I would have known the appropriate PPE to wear in the appropriate timing and not creating fear in Mr Lim. Besides that, limited use of relevant knowledge might affect the quality of care and work (Eraut, 2000). In the case, I could not comfort Mr Lim due to my limited knowledge in MRSA hence lack of explanation given to Mr Lim. It would have been of greater comfort to him if I had explained his condition and addressed his fear and

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