The Importance Of Reflection In Nursing Practice

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Although reflection is an imperative foundation of nursing practice, it is only effective in promoting future clinical practice when the practitioner continually identifies their weaknesses and strengths to support their personal growth. They will also be required to develop this process during their practice to improve outcomes for service users (Johns, 2013). In accordance to the NMC revalidation process (2015) school nurses are required to provide a record of their knowledge and how it promotes their clinical practice. Clinical reflection is identified as a recognised educational tool for this process (Queens Nursing Institute, 2015). This evidence highlights the importance of the the student school nurse’s role in reflecting on this critical …show more content…

It enables the student to reflect and consider his/her intentions and actions prior to the incident and prompts the health professional to critically assess the incident and identify the key learning outcomes through a series of questions (Johns, 2013). These two models can be interlinked to enable the student to explore his/her thoughts are feelings without making assumptions whilst creating learning opportunities to change future nursing practice. Due to having two different models of reflection, where Johns (2000) reflective model does not permit the practitioner to delve into their thoughts and feelings, Driscoll (2000) model of reflection enables them to do so to achieve different learning outcomes (Jasper, 2013). The student school nurse aims to use all three stages of the Driscoll (2000) reflection model and only three out of five stages of Johns (2000) reflection model: description context and clarification, reflection and influencing factors. The rationale for this is because some stages of both reflection models are similar such as: What? stage in Driscoll and description of the experience phenomenon and casual stage in Johns. Also, the Now What? reflection stage in Driscoll’s and the learning reflection stage in Johns are

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