Driscoll Model Of Communication Essay

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Driscoll (2000) model) consists of three stages (What, So what & Now what) completing one cycle help me to improve my caring practice continuously and learning from those experience for better practice in the future. The cycle starts with a description of the situation (“What”), which include analysis of the incident. “So what” evaluate the experience, including the analysis to make sense of the experience, and the final stage “Now what” is a conclusion of what else could I have done better and an action plan to prepare for, if the similar situation arose again. Baird and winter (2005) gave some reasons why reflection is required in the reflective practice. They highlighted that a reflection could generate the practical knowledge, help to adapt …show more content…

These messages enclose information, and the senders of these messages intend particular meanings to reach the receiver of the message, who will then attribute a meaning to the message. The intended meaning may be varying from the meaning attribute to the message by the receiver. This is not only due to the words was used but also by the non-verbal messages that are also sent (Fielding, 1995). Heath (1997) stated that communication occurs in various ways and at diverse levels of awareness. Barber (1993, cited in Heath, 1997) states that communication is that sharing understandings and involves openness to the enquiry of another person, having attention, perception, receptivity and empathy towards that person. Peplau (1988, cited by Betts, 2002, in Kenworthy et al, 2002) argues nursing as an interpersonal process. Betts (2002) argues that effective communication is intricate and obscure. Both the nurse and the patient are distinctive individuals, and they both bring with them their perceptions, values, interpretations and experiences to the interpersonal process. To achieve trust, the nurse must use openness, honesty and effective communication

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