Interpersonal Communication Essay

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Communication is an inevitable aspect of life. It is an event which happens almost every second of every day. Communication is an act of giving and receiving of information—desires, needs, perceptions, knowledge, etc.—of two or more persons through orthodox or unorthodox methods which can either be intentional or unintentional (de Valenzuela 2002). There are numerous types of communication and one is interpersonal communication. Interpersonal communication is one of the communication fields that several studies have focused on. It is a social context that involves interaction between two or more people. “Interpersonal communication is fundamental to managing marriages, friendships, and superior/subordinate relationships” (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee …show more content…

However, in the late 1950s, the “tease” part vanished as it outlived its usefulness, and having been ravaged by time was shortened to “stripping” or traded in for the euphemistic “exotic dancing”” (Shteir 2004, 1). “Nudity in the theatre became both a symbol of free love and a mark of men’s oppression of women, and topless and bottomless dancing…” (Shteir 2004, 5). Since then, this kind of demure performance turned into explicit stripping and nude lap …show more content…

And since the customers in strip clubs are also men, the idea that “men are more powerful and dominant than women” is further reinforced because they are the ones being served at in strip clubs; they were the ones paying the female strippers. These lead men to treat women as weaker and lower than them.
Prostitutes and whores are words which pertain to women who do this kind of ‘job’. In countries like the Australia and New Zealand, the term sex work is the most accepted term they use to pertain to this kind of job, however here in the Philippines, the term prostituted woman is used to pertain to those who strip and dance in strip clubs (Ditmore 2006). Because of these, women who participate in this line of work were seen and considered as low individuals in the society.
These terms are words used by people to call women who strip and dance in strip clubs. These words are mostly condescending for when someone called an individual any of these terms, it may mean that that individual is a member of the lower class because he/she is involved in that kind of job instead of doing a decent work in a decent work place such as office works and the like. Yet, people still continue to enter this line of

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