Interpersonal Communication Memo

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On 02/16/2016 I was asked to speak to a citizen in the lobby of the Sheriff 's Office 610 E. Hillside Wellington, Ks 67152. I made contact with a Beulah E. Brown, she had questions concerning her father. She had paperwork that she wanted him to sign regarding his last will and testament. Acording to Brown the woman who is taking care of her father is a girlfriend by the name of Gale Bowman. Her father whos name is Dewey Gressel is 82 years old and is dying of colen and lung cancer. Brown was upset because Gale had changed the will when Dewey had gotten sick. Brown was recently at the house and was asked to leave by Gale, and also was told if she came back a restraining order would be procuded. Brown wanted to know if she could kick Gale out
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