Criminal Case Study Margaret Maloney

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Advised of a neighbor disturbance. Margaret Maloney called the Comm. Center and stated her neighbor Travis Beam, is harassing her. I asked what he did. She related when she walked outside he was on the porch and yelled "shut the fuck up." She said she didn 't know who he was talking to because she didn 't say a word. I asked how she knew it was to her then. She said "because he looked right at me, he has a hooded sweatshirt on." She then said it 's dark out and I can 't see real good and couldn 't see his face. I asked how she knew it was him, she was not sure on how to answer the question and no explanation was given. I asked what exactly did he do that she believes would constitute an arrest. She said "well, when I walked outside and he said …show more content…

She repeatedly spoke of the incident approximately one hour prior to this call where Beam had called the police on them. Maloney and her boyfriend said what Beam said was a lie. I advised that the earlier call was already handled and the police have already spoke with both of them. Maloney 's boyfriend got on the phone and I asked who he was repeatedly. He would not answer me and began a rant on how Beam is dirty and a druggie; that Beam gave him, his house and the entire block bed bugs. I asked how he knows this and he said because people went to the clinic He eventually said his name is Jim. I later checked the records and identified the male as James Sorensen. Sorensen was reported to have pointed a crossbow at Beam approx. one hour ago prior to this call. That call was already handled by another officer (Chief). I asked James Sorensen numerous times what Travis Beam has done to him or his girlfriend that would constitute an arrest. He did not answer and spoke of issues from the past that occurred weeks and years prior to this date along with crimes that occurred that he suspects Beam to be the violator. James Sorensen the said this needs to stop and that he is going to call Harrisburg. He then asked me who he should speak with in Harrisburg. I have no idea what he is talking about. James Sorensen then said "maybe I should hire an attorney from New York. Yeah I 'll hire an attorney from New York on Park

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