Effective Communication In The Workplace Essay

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Introduction: Communication is sharing process which involves expressing ideas, thoughts, feelings or sending the right message that is also being correctly received and understand by the other person/s who is receiving it on the other end. We all communicate with others in our lives. We communicate with our families, when we go shopping, at school or college or chat with friends. Communication with others is a natural part of life. M.W. Cummin describes the word communication “process of conveying message (fact, ideas, attitudes and opinions) from one person to another so that they are understood”. [1] Communication in business: For businesses to be successful it is very important that communication must be effective. Effective communication …show more content…

[2] Communication in the workplace involves interpersonal communication between colleagues, manager and subordinate. Bad communication is often the root cause of many problems. Most conflict in organizations are the result of misunderstood communication. Effective communication plays a major role in dealing with employer employee relation. When you become an effective communicator, you can resolve conflict and communication gaps among coworkers and employees for example, conflicts arise when the employer and management discussed little with the staff, preferring to make decisions themselves without approaching employees and later give instructions, employees might feel frustrated for not being part of decision making, thus resulting in poor performance. Similarly, if a manager verbally says he is interested in the employee’s opinions but never creates a way for them to express their thoughts, this leads to confusion and frustration. When employees and co-workers are able to communicate effectively needs and listen, mutual trust develops that often leads to innovation in work. Therefore, it is important in every decision to encourage employees and coworkers to share opinions, ideas and thoughts and make them feel more part of team

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