Swot Analysis For Cango

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Our competitive analysis will help CanGo develop an in-depth understanding for each of their competitors. In order to enhance their position in the competitive market CanGo has to understand the objectives of each of its competitors. CanGo’s top competitors are Amazon and Xbox. Separately, CanGo’s competitors cannot offer the products and online gaming services that CanGo can offer. Amazon is an e-commerce tech giant that specializes in retail, video streaming, tablets, etc. Xbox is a gaming brand and offshoot of the Microsoft company. Each has strengths that place them at the top of the market but because of their weaknesses CanGo can gain the upper hand in the market. Our first recommendation for CanGo is to establish solid Mission and Value Statements. This is the core of your company and must be stated clearly for investors, businesses, and consumers alike. As for CanGo’s finances, we recommend that you analyze all of the company financial assets quarterly and yearly. We recommend adding a financial analyst to assist CanGo in developing a cohesive understanding …show more content…

Communications must also be improved throughout management and throughout the rest of the company. Lack of communication throughout the line leads to confusion and encourages rash decision making that CanGo cannot afford to do. All concepts, ideas, plans, and such must be communicated clearly throughout management and presented to employees with a clear message that is understood by everyone. Miscommunication and lack of also leads to employees becoming frustrated and decreases their efficiency and productivity. We accessed there was an ample amount of confusion between management and employees alike. This must be fixed immediately. It is impossible to be a team if everyone is on a different page and is not fully aware of what is going on and what decisions are being made within the company. CanGo could also benefit from team building

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