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Peter Drucker once said “The productivity of work is not the responsibility of the worker but of the manager.” This quote emphasizes the importance of a manager in a workplace. In Jim McCormick’s book “The First Time Manager”, many of the fundamental aspects in becoming a manager are highlighted. These aspects can help introduce a new manager, hence “First Time”, to the numerous characteristics and qualities they should have to become a successful manager. The book itself is split into six different parts which capture what it truly means to be a successful, new manager: So you’re going to manage people, Tackling your new duties, Working with people, building relationships, and managing risks, Job descriptions, performance appraisals, and…show more content…
McCormick highlights building trust and confidence in one’s team. By suggesting that a manager can include his direct reports in decisions or even the crazy idea of actually showing personalized appreciation towards the direct reports, the author alters the mind of the reader immediately. If I had no previous experience with management, I would have thought that it was their job to be harsh and critical, treating people like mere numbers. This notion, however, is much different from what the author depicts as a manager. He suggests that listening to the employees and being inclusive are two of the most important things a manager can do. Personally, I enjoyed the discussion on the difference of being a worker versus being a manager. I have always been judged on the…show more content…
The book gives advice on how to support yourself as a manager. I personally think stress and balance are important for all workers- not just managers. Where the book gets specific is when it adds a touch of class to the equation. When managers act with class, they portray themselves as elegant and refined. These features attract employees to want to work for that manager. Coping with stress is a very important topic as I see it every day. The book describes some ways to deal with the stress, but I think the essence of understanding why the stress is there helped a lot. The books suggests that most things will seems normal further down the line of management, so it is understandable to face such difficulties in the beginning. As the book said, the natural reaction to change is resistance. I see companies trying to promote work-life balance now more than ever. Whether it may be more vacation days, telecommuting days, or even activities at work, they all help the employee to complete

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