University Of Charleston Mission Statement

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Mawuli Bossiade Essay 1 Senior Capstone The Mission of the University of Charleston is to educate each student for a life of productive work, enlightened living, and community involvement (University of charleston). The University of Charleston goal is to make sure student enhance their knowledge in order to contribute to the society they are living in. The mission statement has three major points, which are productive work, enlightened living and community involvement. They prepare the student to live in a changing society by developing the knowledge and abilities to be a lifelong learner (University of charleston). As a student from Charleston we have to complete the Liberal Learning Outcomes (LLOs) before we can graduate. We also have major outcomes which some outcomes that we need to graduate. The LLOs are used to develop these major points of the university mission statement. It seems like …show more content…

“Productive” work does not only represents acquisition of wealth, but also supposes a positive impact of work on the community (University of charleston). Communication is the ability to send and receive message effectively (University of Charleston). For example when I started my classes at the university of Charleston, I could not speak or write a word in English. Now I communicate effectively with people and I could not even made friend. Also, communication is tools for the great mind of our time. Creativity is defined as the process of innovation and generating original ideas or making new connections among existing ideas (University of Charleston). With creativity, people create beautiful things like arts or technology. Creativity is characteristic that allows us to think outside of the box. To work productively you need to have good communication. Actually creativity is like innovation. For example the creativity is one of the reason why the iPhone was

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