Qsen Reflection

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Running head: REFLECTION

Casandra Wakefield
University of Arizona


There is a great need in the nursing world to ensure that quality and safety are focused and stressed upon in nursing education. The Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) address the issues of effectively teaching, in regards to quality, and safety competencies in education (Dolansky & Moore, 2013, ¶ 1). The QSEN was developed to provide nursing education from the focus of individual patient care to the focus of care of the health care system. The QSEN recommends ways to educate and calculate heath care system thinking (Dolansky & Moore, ¶ 1). QSEN really is asking for the nursing profession to move away from individual patient care frame of thinking and prepare graduating nurses with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes (KSA) to really look detailed at the health care system as a whole. …show more content…

I have gained knowledge about informatics. I have learned about the great importance of electronic medical records (EMR) to the current and future of patient charting and documentation. I have gain skills in how patient portals work, their purpose, as well as their importance to patient self-efficacy. My attitude has always been positive to the importance of informatics. I believe that change in health care can be difficult and very hard. But, the importance informatics has on the future and the great importance it has in moving the health care system into the unimaginable. I will definitely look at change in a different light and be excited to where that change will take

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