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a. This portfolio shows the educational journey through the BSN program at Western Governors University(WGU). The curriculum at WGU was very challenging, nonetheless it prepared me to become a safe and effective nurse. The BSN curriculum provided avenues to keep me up to date with safe practices and learn how to master therapeutic communication. WGU also helped me sharpen my critical thinking skills in order to make decisions quickly and provide safe and effective care to patients. As the result of my training, I am ready to embark in the field of nursing and do my best to make a difference in my patients lives. b. This portfolio will show the key aspects, including my strengths that WGU desired their students to accomplish and master. Each …show more content…

Nurses an important part of the health care team. Nurses work with other members of the health care team to provide safe and effective care. Nurses responsibilities include delegating, collaboration and guidance. At WGU I learned three distinct characteristics a nurse should have. These characteristics are: I. A nurse is a scientist in the clinical setting. A nurse should be able to use the data they are given to guide of the care of the patient. They should have good critical thinking skills as well as excellent communication skills. Now I am able to gather information and use my critical judgement to take care of my patients. II. A nurse is also a detective. Nurses must be able investigate any situation. Nurses should have situational awareness. Situational Awareness is the ability to identify, process, and comprehend the critical elements of information. That is why monitoring an observing each patient is important so that the nurse can make an effective clinical decision. III. A nurse is a manager. Nurses need to know how to delegate activities to different members of the health care team as well as know what each team member is allowed to do. Also, it is the nurse’s responsibility to provide a safe nursing environment for the patient and staff. Finally, therapeutic communication is a key feature that a nurse must …show more content…

With these changes, we as nurses are able to provide the best care possible for our patients. In the BSN program, I learned the importance of having peer reviewed research for validity. Also, I would like to one day take part in a research study at my facility in order to contribute to the advancement of the nursing field. Sound peer reviewed research is very important in the nursing field. Not just any research can be trusted. Research needs to be very extensive so that the researcher can compile the data. During my evidenced based practice course, I learned the difference between facilities quality improvement goals versus research. This may include topics such as nosocomial infections. I also learned the difference between qualitative and quantitative research. By using research, a facility can analyze the effectiveness of new protocols and

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