Safest Nurse Personal Statement

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“More highly educated nursing workforce is critical to meeting the nation’s nursing needs and delivering safe, effective patient care….. Without a more educated nursing workforce, the nation’s health will be further at risk (Tri-council for Nursing, 2010).” As the acuity of the patient increases daily, so is the need for increases of higher education for nurses. The factor of increasing complexity of patient health require higher education for the liability of safe practice, thus is an agreeable requirement for employers to place upon the employees. Acquiring a bachelor’s degree is only an improvement for everyone. Nurses need the ability of fast critical thinking skills and observation of declining signs and symptoms. Nurses also must have the ability to educate …show more content…

“These abilities are essential for today 's professional nurse who must be a skilled provider, designer, manager, and coordinator of care (AACN, 2010). My goal is to be the safest nurse I can be and deliver a high quality of care to all of my patients. I would want the same if I was the patient. I want to grow my career and achieve my nurse practioner degree. I chose UAB School of nursing to advance my education for the convenience of having all online classes and the campus being available if I need to access it. I work full-time at night and have a family so it is a must to study at anytime during the day. Life is really busy for me right now, but I hope with good time management skills I can keep ahead. Not to mention UAB is known as a top medical school throughout the nation. I chose to go back to school right now to enhance my knowledge of nursing and better the lives of the patients I encounter. I also want to be an example for my daughters that you can achieve your goals. It may be difficult but anything is

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