Comparing The Difference Between Nursing And The Early 1900's

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Comparing The Difference in The Nursing Profession Between Now and The Early 1900's The Nursing Professions has changed a lot over the last 10 years.The art of nursing arose in primitive times when one person simply cared for another who was sick.Back then nursing consisted of comforting, caring for basic needs, and using herbal remedies.One of the first nursing theorist was Virginia Henderson(1995).The goal of nursing was to help clients gain independence in meeting their needs as quickly as possible.In 1900's nursing schools were also very different.To earn the diploma, students have to work 10 hours every day of week at very low pay but nowadays students just have to complete full hours of the course and everything is included in the …show more content…

It is very important that each nurse should have critical thinking skills which are effective reading effective writing, attentive listening and effective communication.Critical thinking in nursing requires skills and experience as well as knowledge which are taught in today's schools.Nurses use these skills in the emergency situations wisely.With critical thinking skills you can successfully solve problem and make good decisions.The goal is to avoid having your clinical judgement cause injury to

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