Thomas Nelson Community College Student Analysis

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In 2013 at Old Dominion University for four years of college, only 23.1 percent of students graduated, five years of college, only 45.2 percent of students graduated, and for six years of college, only 51.2 percent of students graduated. It is kind of upsetting that not many students graduate at the same time as everyone else. One of the reasons why is that certain students do not take their work seriously at all. But, if a student works late, it would be hard for them to get their schoolwork done by the day it is due. As a Thomas Nelson Community College student, I need to get my degree as soon as everyone else does, even though college is difficult. College is difficult. Because I am a first semester student, I know that I am facing many challenges. One of the challenges is making a schedule because classes have different days and different times. Creating a schedule becomes even more difficult if students have a job or children to take care of. In addition, I have to think about a schedule that will allow me to get to a job on time if I decide to work during the semester. Another challenge is time management. For example, getting to class …show more content…

Noted author, Stephen Covey offers uses the story of a bamboo plant to offer advice. The story taught me to be more patient with several stuff and try not to rush on the work the teacher assigns. For example, if the teacher is not in class on time, wait a few more minutes and do not go so far ahead on your schoolwork unless the teacher says that it is ok to do so. Patience is important in college because you do not know what might happen if you are not patient at all. Being impatient might ruin your chance to graduate college if you just think that it would be easy, well, that is not true at all. People may think it is easy for them if you just started, but it is not. Be more thoughtful of your work and do not rush in on

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