My College Career Goals

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Attending Georgia Military College helps students prepare themselves for the future. Georgia Military College organization makes students consider the future, while they successfully grow toward graduating. As I continue to attend college and dedicatedly work towards the future, it is up to me to decide the goals that I am striving to work for, whether they are college, career, or lifetime goals. All goals have to be worked for, which means that they are certain tasks that have to be completed in order to pursue those goals. Quite frankly, college requires a lot of work, however, students should put their goals in perspective so that they can achieve them in college successfully. Setting goals as a college student has helped shaped my…show more content…
Deciding to become a registered nurse has sparked my interest because the occupation aligns with my personal characteristics and capabilities. A registered nurse is a highly skilled medical worker that provides care for patients, who are ill or injured. In all honesty, I am aware of the challenges and factors of this career. However, achieving my college goals successfully will prepare me for the obstacles of striving for this career. Obtaining my license in the state of Georgia as a registered nurse is the first of few of the career goals I want to achieve. Registered nurses have to gain experience in their field of work before climbing the medical social ladder. Another one of my career goals, which is considered long-term, is becoming a nurse practitioner. Nurse practitioners are the next occupation from a licensed registered nurse. Most registered nurses have to return back to school for at least four years to obtain their license. Knowing that my career goals require a lot of hard work, which seems to be demanded in college anyway, I will continue to be determined in every aspect and successful in any work I

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