Early College Goals

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As a young student, I would often see many college students deeply focused on their work. Seeing them motivated me to learn more and concentrate on the two most important things in life, learning and helping others. I was always interested in learning about Cyber Security and protecting personal data against hackers trying to attack the network. I want to continue my studies through graduate level education in computers. I strongly feel like the Early College Program will help me achieve my goals. This program will allow me to learn about different aspects of the world and how someone like me can make a difference. I also hope to achieve an amazing educational experience and connect with new people. I wish to enroll in the Early College Program because I want to prove to myself the person I can grow to …show more content…

I believe that this program will prepare me for real life challenges and will help me take a bigger step towards my educational and community goals. If I am selected to participate in this program I hope to achieve the knowledge and skills needed for a four-year university. I play the piano and this is my eight year. I volunteered to play for Bentley Commons in Virginia and Plymouth Place Retirement Home in La Grange, Illinois. I have also played for the Rustburg Middle School 's Chorus. As a tutor, I try my best to help others do well in the classes that they struggle in and to me being a tutor is worth it. When I sit in class, I always have a pencil in hand ready to learn and that is why I love education. The Early College Program will allow me to excel in the two things I love, to learn and to help

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