Bully Don T Hurt Me No More Analysis

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What is Love?! Bully Don’t Hurt Me, No More
(A satirical analysis of bullying at Worland High School)

Individuals and school faculty often wonder “How can one prevent bullying from happening? What solutions can be created to end bullying?” Bullying has become an increasing problem in schools around the world and not much is being done to stop bullies from victimizing others or victimizing themselves. Many have tried anonymous bully forms, talking to an adult, confronting the bully, taking disciplinary actions, or simply “duking it out”. None of which are reasonable solutions and just lead to more offenses or even the transferring of students to other schools. The solution is not all that complicated as we have made it out to seem. Schools …show more content…

Bully Busters can be recruited and trained as soon as the summer before their freshman year in high school. If not recruited that year then individuals can be recruited the next year. Each year participated, the individual will receive a pin for their service in the program. If an individual were to participate in the Bully Buster program all four consecutive years of their high school career then they will receive an honorary badge of service that can be displayed on their letterman 's along with their yearly pins. Same for three and two year students, three year will coincide with a silver badge and two year with a bronze badge. A student that only participates their senior year will receive a pin but not a badge. Students that participate all four, three or two consecutive years will also be eligible for a scholarship their senior year. Three four year students will be chosen for the highest scholarship of $4,000 based on their participation in the program and offenses resolved. Five, three year students will be selected based on the same criteria and awarded scholarships of $2,000 for their service. For the two year service, seven seniors will be chosen and awarded a scholarship of $1,500. All seniors chosen can use their service in the program for resumes and college applications as well to gain

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