Bullied NY Bus Monitor Teaches Kindness Year Later By Carolyn Thompson

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Bullying is a very terrible and overwhelming experience for any person to experience. Most people being bullied find that standing up for themselves is not an option because of the allusion that they have no power over the antagonizer. So imagine if the bullies were a fourth the age of the patronize victim. In Carolyn Thompson’s article,“ Bullied NY Bus Monitor Teaches Kindness Year Later” we hear the heart-wrenching story of an elderly bus monitor named Karen Klein, who witnesses that strangers affection expressed through a generous donation of an exponential sum of money can surpass the viciousness of a few immature boys. Thompson expresses her belief that Klein deserves this exceptional amount of money through the entirety of her article. …show more content…

Through the entirety of the article Thompson quotes many sources: Klein herself, Amanda Klein-Romign Klein’s daughter, and Sidorov the creator of the fund. When asked if the money has affected Klein her daughter says, “There are other people who it would probably change dramatically. But for her, no, everything's the same pretty much”. Klein is portrayed exceptionally humble and not seeking the lavish lifestyle that her critics may presume. Thompson only uses citations from the people that agree with and support Klein, which strategically developed a positive view of her. Normally a writer will try to capture all sides of the story having quotes from all parties in the matter, however, Thompson never mentions the boys or their parents and how the event has affected them. Thompson’s mannerisms display her belief that Kleim is deserving of the money received from Sidorov and the people who invested in the

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