National Honor Junior Society Application Essay Examples

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I aspire to be in the National Honors Junior Society program. I wish to be accepted and it is an honor just to be invited to such a program. I have been looking forward to this program and being accepted shows me that I have achieved my goals to be the best student I can be. It means a lot to me as a student and on a personal basis as well. The whitcomb middle school staff has always encouraged me to R.O.A.R. I am always respectful to all people, including my peers and teachers and I always take the opportunities I have to improve my academic performances. Last year I joined many after school curriculums like art club, dance club and yearbook club. There are 5 things that affect the student I am in the 1LT Charles W. Whitcomb Middle School. …show more content…

My goal is to get a scholarship so to do that I am going to take all the opportunities to reach that goal. Scholarship can also just refer to knowledge and education. To me scholarship is a very important asset in school as long with the other assets as well. I am very motivated when it comes to scholarship in school and I always try my best. Character are the qualities and traits of an individual. Some character traits I believe I have are trustworthy, Authenticity, Perseverance, and Optimism . I am trustworthy because I am reliable and honest. I show authenticity by always being myself and showing all my traits. I persevere because I always want to give everything my best so I never give up. Finally, I am optimistic because I like to make the people around me happy too. I would love to be a part of the National Honor Junior Society because it will give me more opportunities to be a leader and participate in community services and also to help the people around me. I hope I can receive the chance to participate in this program and I have worked really hard for this opportunity so I hope you will accept this application

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