Bullying Dbq

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The law regarding schools’ ability to punish students for disrupting the learning environments in schools needs to be strengthened. Schools in this day and age have been facing a more and more frequent problem of having to deal with harassment and bullying online for while the internet does not increase the amount of bullying it does provide a medium to do so that our legal system is not fully prepared to handle. The internet gives students the ability to put out opinions that can very easily make it to a wide audience and indirectly impact the learning environment regardless if there are at school or not. Teachers have even become targets of their own students harassment and it is uncertain whether it is the school 's responsibility to deal with it or not. …show more content…

and while this number is fairly large it does not inherently mean it increases the amount of bullying as people have used every means of communication to do such things before (Doc F). it has been left uncertain if websites such as social networking sites can be included in the “school environment”. Schools should have the ability to provide a healthy environment for everyone involved but they cannot do so without having a clear legal position that they can

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