Teen Violence In The Outsiders

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Teen violence is a big problem all across the world. It has corrupted the souls of many teens. I don’t know exactly why it has corrupted so many, but let’s just say according to TeenHelp.com 35,001 teens have been arrested for agravated assault just in America! If you don’t think that it’s a BIG problem, there is something really wrong with you. Teen violence is exactly what it sounds like: violence caused by teens. And teens don’t just channel that violence to other teens, teens have been attacking little kids, and even full grown adults! Teens have also been bullying everyone to. According to TeenHelp.com bullying has led to a very scary fact: suicide is the leading cause of death in Americans age 15-24. According to the same cite, in 2011, …show more content…

It is mainly teens who have experienced traumatizing events. For others, it is because they have never been told no in their life. (That last reason is from the outsiders) Another possible case is that the person that is performing the teen violence is insecure about themselves. “The Outsiders” is connected to teen violence in many different ways. Almost everyone in the book is a teen and they are all violent. First of all, the Greasers jump kids randomly. So do the Socs, Plus the Socs and the Greasers are always getting into fights with eachother. In the book “The Outsiders,” it talks about Dally jumping kids and getting put in jail for mugging other people. Also in the book, there is a big brawl between the Socs and the Greasers every year! Talk about teen violence. According to TeenHelp.com, 8% of high school students attempted suicide because of teen violence. 16.6% of high school students admitted to carrying a weapon (gun, knife, or club) at least one day a week. In 2005, 9% of 10-17 year old internet users reported being harassed online. That’s just cray cray! It may not seem like a big number, but just think about it: 9% of the world’s teenagers are being bullied online. And bullying is the leading cause of

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