Coming To America Essay

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When I was six years old, living in Ethiopia, my dad won an American green card visa lottery among 53,000 people. Although it was exciting news, family members were discouraged because my dad could not afford the visa processing and traveling expense. However, he found a sponsor in Seattle, which allowed him to settle in America. As soon as he found a good house and a stable job, he started the process for me and my family. Multiple errors and obstacles delayed our processing for five years. My sisters and I were not able to focus on school because we had to travel to the capital constantly and it was far away from home. The cost of transportation, visa processing, and the stay at the capital was unexpected. My dad had to work two jobs to pay …show more content…

The impact was positive because it opened up many opportunities for me. In America, there are resources and financial support available to those who qualify to help fulfill this generation 's dream. After I graduate from college, I will have the opportunity to have a career. I believe higher education is important because the skills I am taught daily helps me to understand the future and how to pursue my dreams. I have always wanted to have a better future because I grew up in a low income family. My plan is to attend a four year university full time at University of Washington Bothell and major in computer science field because I am passionate about working with technology, and I want to understand how we can continue to draw knowledge from it. In addition, I plan to attend graduate school while working in the computer science field after I finished with my undergraduate school. I want to be able to give back to the society for all the resources it provided me to reach this point in my education and continue working toward fulfilling my life goals. The Intro to Computer Science class at Roosevelt is helping me understand what it takes to be a computer science major student. One thing I learned from the class is that success comes from patience and effort. I had also been part of MESA (Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement) at the University of Washington. MESA was one of the

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