Immigrants Coming To America Essay

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The land of the free and the home of the brave, America is the dream for people everywhere. A place to make a name for yourself, where the unthinkable is achievable. Immigrants from all over the world travel days, weeks, and months to be greeted by Lady Liberty and create a better life for themselves. In particular, immigrants from Europe save every penny they have to afford the trip to America. They leave their family, friends, and the comfort of their home to explore the unknown and diversity of America. To them. America was the Mount Olympus of the world. Growing up in a village, European immigrants had next to nothing. They grew up very poor, with no heating, electricity, plumbing, or automobiles. They survived off the profits of their farms and trade businesses. Many were persecuted in their countries for religious reasons and came to America to escape war and economic turmoil. When they arrived in America, they were amazed …show more content…

They want something bigger and better than what they currently have. The automobiles that astounded the immigrants are normal objects in their daily life. They could never imagine living without the necessities they have grown accustomed to, unlike the Europeans who experience a simpler life. A struggling American is considered lucky and successful to their European immigrants neighbors. Their perceptions of reality are galaxies apart. While the European immigrant is content with his new life in America, the American is restless and unfazed by the objects that amaze the immigrant. Growing up in different environments has led them to have different expectations for life. What is considered a success for one is a failure for the other. Their experiences throughout life has led them to create their own definitions of success and happiness. No two realities are the same. Reality is perceived in multiple ways through diverse eyes. It is dependent on the eye of the

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