Analysis Of John Mccain's Essay 'Veterans Day: Never Forget Their Duty'

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“It was my father who taught us that an immigrant must work twice as hard as anybody else, that he must never give up.” This quote by Zinedine Zidane shows how hard The Americans Dream is to immigrants. This essay will explain a little about immigrants coming to the United States looking to achieve the American Dream and their struggles and accomplishments. Also this essay will talk about two speeches from the mid-1900’s for both Martin Luther King Jr. and President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Immigrants have many ups and downs through their live in America. Finally, in John McCain’s essay “Veterans Day: Never Forget Their Duty” shows Mike Christian’s love and devotion to his country. McCain explains how Christian didn’t care what would happen to him when McCain stated, “Sitting there, with his eyes almost shut from his beatings, making another American flag” (7). Mike Christian knew how much the American flag ment to the POWs and himself so he never a stopped even though he knew there was consequences. Most American’s do have love and devotion for their country just like Mike Christian did. There are many different ways people do that by joining our military, army, navy, police …show more content…

When Yezierska said, “There had been no end to my day - working for an ‘American’ family” (19) she was saying how Americans don’t treat immigrants like equals. Immigrants have a harder time in the U.S. because they have to start with nothing and work their way up. Most when the get here can’t even speak English so it is very difficult for them to get jobs. The younger people arrive in the United States the better they are off. Some immigrants know how hard it is to start new in America and know it will get better the longer they are here, while others think everything will come easy until they face

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