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“The Immigrant contribution” and “The Quilt of a Country” are two essays that share a similar focus, however, they cover two drastically different sides of the topic. Both of them share the main idea that America is a country made up almost entirely of immigrants. Kennedy’s essay, “The immigrant Contribution”, focuses on how immigrants have affected our country, whereas Quindlen’s essay discusses how people of many different cultures coexist and work together.The essays both concentrate on immigration in America and how immigration has shaped and molded our culture. The two authors describe the many different aspects of immigration in immensely different ways. The essays share the same central focus: immigration. Both authors describe the many benefits of immigration for America. “...we would have to conclude that our history and society would have been vastly different if they (immigrants) had stayed home”(Kennedy pg24). Our country has been monumentally impacted by the creations, choices, and brilliant ideas of immigrants. Immigrants have made significant impacts on all fields of science, revolutionized inventing, and played an essential role in making America into the global superpower that it is today. “It (immigration) has contributed greatly to developing the spirit of personal betterment in American society and to strengthening the national confidence in change and the future”(Kennedy). Immigration has significantly influenced one of the main American priorities; striving for …show more content…

Their essays approach the subject in two remarkably contrasting ways. Quindlen describes the past tensions that have arisen because of immigration and how they have been conquered in the face of tragedy and sorrow. Kennedy tells of how immigrants have altered America in many unfathomable way. He describes the impacts that immigration has had on our culture. Both essays tell of how immigration has enhanced our

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