Examples Of Will Immigration Spark A White Backlash In America

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Abrajano, M. (2016, July 28). Will Immigration Spark a White Backlash in America? Retrieved
March 19, 2018, from https://www.brookings.edu/research/will-immigration-spark-a- white-backlash-in-america/ Throughout this article the author, Marisa Abrajano, explains how immigration can potentially have an impact on American politics and how immigration can also change racial demographics. In my proposal I briefly mentioned how there have many historical figures who were immigrants who have impacted America as we know it, and by including information from this article, it could help support the idea that there could be more immigrants who can influence America. By explaining how allowing immigration to be fully legal for undocumented individuals, …show more content…

This source brings great value to my paper because I talk about how immigration should be legal, and by including this information it will help give background information on why immigration laws were implemented in the first place. Though the source can be seen as non-credible because there is no author stated, it gains credibility being directly from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website. Having a ".gov" domain, means it has been administered by the GSA "General Service Administration" which gains credibility because all the information from that website is the most accurate. Having the most accurate information, will help better my paper with offering accurate history on how immigration laws were …show more content…

This website will help my paper because it gives possible outcomes of what could happen if immigration were to stop, and by getting the insights from professional economists, it looks negative. It was stated that if all immigrants were to be removed from the U.S., there would be a "tremendous negative impact on the economy," said Daniel Costa, the director of immigration law and policy research at the Economic Policy Institute." By including this, it will help support my idea on how immigration is actually a good thing for the U.S., because without immigrants migrating over, the current economy as we know it could be completely different in a negative way. Though the website may not come off as credible from its ".com" domain, it further gains credibility through having research included from various professional economist which makes the information from the website more accurate and valuable as opposed to an article with a reporters personal analysis of a certain

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