Summary Of How The Supreme Court Immigration Decision Hurt Us Gonzales

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In the article, How the Supreme Court Immigration Decision Hurts All of Us by Roberto G. Gonzales, an assistant professor at Harvard Graduate School of Education (2016), the genre is an article, argues that America should get an immigration reform to bring immigrants and families out to the public and to show connections and economic contributions to make America stronger. Our country (America) is made of many cultures the only country that’s made that way. Our country everyone has rights and freedom, we are all equal but some more equal than others because that’s just how society is. Gonzales supports his argument by giving examples of beneficiaries that had a positive impact in their lives, able to get good paying jobs, credit cards, driver …show more content…

As Gonzales states with all of his evidence from DACA is that this is a good choice for America and that this is a wake up call to the Supreme Court, legal citizens, and the president that we need this immigration reform. It only just benefits immigrants in America but everyone in the U.S positively. The article targeted audience is legal citizens in America and the Supreme Court, in the article paragraph one sentence one Gonzales states that “No one has to wonder about the enormous consequences of the Supreme Court’s decision Thursday to let stand a lower-court ruling blocking President Obama’s plan to protect from deportation millions of undocumented immigrants who are parents of citizens or permanent residents.” This sentence I feel that Gonzales main target is the Supreme Court but also all the legal citizens. In the sentence his tone feels disgusted that the lower-court declined Obama’s plan, his plan was to protect immigrants from deportation and to live in America free as a legal citizen. The tone of the article is disgusted and informative because Gonzales gave prime examples of families that was breaking up because of immigration and it wasn't

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