Samuel Phillips Huntington's 'One Nation, Out Of Many'

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Samuel Phillips Huntington an American political scientist, adviser and academic. He spent more than half a century at Harvard University, where he was director of Harvard 's Center for International Affairs and the Albert J. Weatherhead III University Professor. The professor wrote a article called One Nation, Out of Many. In his article he mentions how American came to be and how many immigrants came to America. The article makes some crucial points about immigrants. Also, it mentions how immigrants got to be citizen in the first place. Samuel talks how immigrants can deconstruct America or Americans. Throughout the article Samuel gives example supporting his argument. One Nation Out is Many, talks about America and its people. Also, it mentions …show more content…

Samuel mentions the cause that immigrants bring when they come and how that affect our nation and its people. The article also, mentions the problem America will have with immigrants. The author claims that immigrants are harming our country and the it’s people. The purpose of Samuel’s article is to show American that immigrants can hurt America or Americans. “During the decades before World War I, the huge wave of immigrants flooding into America generated a major social movement” (Para. #3). Samuel state that immigrant wanted to change America before it even started. The immigrants started a social movement before the war were to happen. “Everyday Americans remain deeply patriotic, nationalistic in their outlook, and committed to their national culture, creed, and identity. A major gap has thus developed between portions of our elite and the bulk of our populace over what America is and should be” (Para. #10). Immigrants are tearing Americans apart. Creed, identity, and culture are affecting Americans. The reason is

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