Why They Came To America Essay

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The simple and easy answer is, a chance at having a better life. I sometimes ask students why they came to The United States. For instance one young lady was from China. She had a bachelor’s degree, worked in an office, had her own car, and I got the impression her family was fairly well-off. When I asked her why she left her friends, family, culture, and what sounded like a comfortable and satisfying way of life she replied, “Safety, security.” I asked, “Why, what were you afraid of?” “The government,” she answered. A young couple from Mexico told me they came here so their children would be exposed to more opportunities. A woman from Russia told me that the only way you can get more than the next person in her country is by paying someone with a position to allow you get ahead. She said, “Here in America you can get what ever you want, and be anything you want, just because you have the ability to do so. A young man from Brazil said he had no home. He lived on the streets. He said he was always in fear of his life from the police. He road on top of the “La Bestia,” the immigrant train. It is a 1,450 mile trek with a real danger of falling off, as hundreds, and possible thousands have, and the danger of being robbed, raped, or murdered by the Mexican gang known as MS13. I guess he saw the possibilities of danger getting to the …show more content…

I met sons and daughters, grandmas and grandpas, and aunts and uncles, all of which made the dangerous, and arduous journey so they can earn money to send home to their families, so they will no longer starve, or go without medical treatment because they couldn’t afford a needed operation. One man told me his daughter was born with a hole in her heart. He needed money to pay for a series of operations, or she would die, another told me his mother has cancer and can’t afford

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