Iom Nursing Education

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The institute of Medicine two thousand and ten report on the future of nursing, aims at changing leadership and education of healthcare and nursing. Also, the report urges the nurses to take an enhanced role in the growing complex system of health care. the IoM report is as a result of an examination on the manner in which nurses' academic qualification, duties and responsibilities ought to alter to meet the growing demand for healthcare. Additionally, The report aims at enhancing response to a changing and complex health care system via improving nurses' role in provision of care. Nurses represent the greatest population of medical workforce and are at a good position to realize the goals set in the 2010 IoM report. Practical nurses work in…show more content…
This therefore calls for institutes for higher learning to be fully equipped with professional who will pass proper knowledge to the nurse students'. According to the IoM report nurses ought to upgrade their medical education so as to move with the changing trends in health care. Additionally, it is vital for nursing education to be elevated both prior and after nurses obtain their licenses so as to realize their vision. The effect of the IoM report on nursing practice majorly on primary care intends to put more consideration on two vital areas. The areas comprise of health and the patients' well being. The health of patient is very important as it takes care of an individual's immediate needs because it offers services to patient with chronic illnesses. The well being of patient in other words public health, offers a wide spectrum of services to the community for healthy living standards. These two areas aim at providing as well as improving people's health hence reducing the cost incurred by the health care provider and the patient. Both disciplines ought to work together to ensure optimal health for all…show more content…
Both the primary care and public service offer health services to the public. The report recommends that nurses who deal with public health need as equal
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