Essay On Effective Leadership In Nursing

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Introduction A decade into the 21st century effective leadership is becoming increasingly apparent (McLean2007). Effective leadership in this context is no more important than in contemporary nursing. The writer works in a leading academic hospital, holding a senior nurse position for the last 2 years. In a competitive world of leaders in the health sector many of them are highly skilled, experienced and have dynamic qualities to lead the health services. Moreover, leaders and managers take extended roles, due to increase in demands. Even though there is a lot of pressure, high standards of care should be delivered with less manpower on board. Healthcare is complex and requires effective leaders to lead and adopt the change . (Rolfe 2011). Effective leadership is offered as the key to functional and supportive work environment for nurses and other health professionals. Dandson et al. (2006) explains leadership as…show more content…
It explains the idea that few traits like emotional stability and ability to compose one’s self, accepting errors, good communication and interpersonal skills, and wide intellectual horizon are essential in a person to hold the position of leadership (Spillane, Halverson, and Diamond, 2004). Theory of traits emphasized that leadership qualities are inborn which can not be developed later on. However, the effectiveness of these traits helps leaders to control and establish vision to guide the people in right direction. Evolution of trait theory suggested that it is not necessary that leaders with inborn traits are only competent leaders but these traits can be learned and exercised to achieve goals in an effective way. Besides that, leadership qualities such as honesty, integrity, ambition, ability to influence people through their skills, cognitive ability and business knowledge are the skills which are understood as naturally ingrained in individuals. Theory of
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