Personal Assessment In Health Care

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Psychological care:
According to Thomas (1995), Jones & West (1995) and Crowe, et. al (1996) the link between depression and increased mortality has led to increased concern about a patient’s psychological well being in the repercussion of having a MI and losing their love ones. Nurses play a major role in monitoring the psychological status of such patient’s. However, there is limited evidence of the best methods of providing psychological support. I believe one of the best ways is by counselling and this can be delivered by any healthcare provider. However, the time availability would be a major constrain for the healthcare providers including the nurses to offer such support may be limited owing to their clinical responsibilities (Thomas, …show more content…

It was very shocking and I was not able to get myself out of the sadness. It was truly a very painful experience as it was too sudden. However, I would say, time was the best medicine by adapting the loss it had given me the opportunity to re-evaluate my personal values and beliefs, which in turn lead me to a sense of fulfilment. Working in critical care unit, I do witness a lot of loss; now with my own experience I am able to manage people and able to handle the situation better. I built a very strong professional relationship with all my patients. Nurses that had emerged close relationship with the patient’s had generated patient to feel supported. These allow the patient’s to work through issues related to the concepts of loss, giving them an opportunity to re-evaluate personal values and …show more content…

The lost of status and self-esteem can amplify patient’s biographical disruption were they were independent but have become dependent on others. Nurses who is able to explore their patient’s underlying feelings and accompanying the loss had proven to show good acceptant for patient’s recovery. Holloway, et. al. (2000), mentioned that, by helping a patient adapt to change and regain control would lead the patient to accept their altered identity and learn to reorganize their life within the framework of their disability. As a nurse, I believe one more major component in nursing is providing the patients health educations. A nurse with critical thinking and reasoning would plan the discharge care plan for the patient’s as soon as possible after admission to hospital. As for MI patient, cardiac rehabilitation is important for

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