Why Is Electronic Medical Record Important

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Electronic Medical Record
Technology has helped with many aspects of our lives but healthcare is one that touches every single one of us at every corner of the world. There has been many advancements made to the way physicians treat patient and how they interact with one another. Technology has made it possible to share medical records with physicians all over the world. This has been archived by Electronic Medical Records. Google has made it possible to track out brakes and help physician prepare themselves for these kind of issues.
The technology has help with the conversion of the paper medical records to electronic medical records. Medical records are an essential part that must be reviewed by primary care physician and specialist. This conversion has made it possible for doctors from all over the world to collaborate and find solutions to a patient’s problem. I work in the medical field and know fist had on the importance of having all records electronic and accessible to all that are involved with the patients care. The benefits of electronic medical recorders is that primary care physicians are able to view and collaborate with one another on …show more content…

If there is an intrusion or breach in the security system potential hikers have access to sensitive patient information such as addresses, social security numbers, and health history. There are many different electronic medical record programs but they don’t work well each other, this makes it hard for physicians to collaborate with each other over the internet. A drawback on establishing electronic medical records in under developed nations, is who will continue to manage them once they get setup, will patients sensitive information be guarded by the laws as in developed nations such as Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act

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