Electronic Health System Analysis

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Depending on the type of office and the patients there in, will determine what electronic health system you will need. Some doctors have patients that need a high level of care and lots of tests and other documented information, like cardiology. Other offices might be able to use a simple program because they don 't have many patients or the patients they do have don 't require extensive documentation. You have to consider the amount of time you may, or may not have to train the staff and get all the information transferred. Once the needs of the facility are determined, it is then important to decide on a system that will coincide. A beneficial EHR system will have great customer service, keep up on technological advances and good …show more content…

You need a system that can keep up with this ever changing world to give the patients the best care possible. There is new procedures, information, diseases, and advances in science on a daily basis and if you don 't have a system that can keep up with all of the changes, you can waste time and money along with the loss of patients. Patients need and deserve the best care possible and it 's up to the doctors to make that happen.
Organization is going to be a key component in an EHR system as you need important information and fast in some instances and if you don 't have a well-organized system, it could mean life or death, in some situations. A well-organized system will save time when a doctor is in talking with a patient because all the pertinent information will be easy and quick to find. No patient wants to sit there and wait for the doctor to find the information or ask, "why are you here again?" Being able to easily navigate the system and have things well-organized will be in the best interests of the facility, to better care for their patients.
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