College Admissions Essay: My Goals And Life Missions

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My Goals and Life Missions Goals and achievements are concepts that push individuals to think more about what they want to do with their lives and the various possibilities the future could hold for them. Many of these individuals began thinking about these concepts in high school, including me. Thinking about all the choices I could major in, I chose nursing because of my desire to help others. Becoming a nurse is going to be a rewarding job choice that will come with many obstacles, but I will know when I have achieved my goals. Helping people has always came easily to me, whether it was calming down an upset child or taking care of my sick family members. I like to see the way a person’s face lights up when you do something to positively impact their life. Having the mentality to put other people’s needs before my own has greatly influenced my choice to achieve my RN degree. Because I want to further my education in nursing, transferring schools after my two years at Central Lakes College to get a Bachelor’s degree is an option I am considering. Another goal of mine is to become the first in my family to graduate college. Being the only member of my family to go to college pushes me to strive harder on my school work, to obtain the degree I am working towards. To become financially stable, I want to …show more content…

By going to college to obtain a nursing degree, I will be beginning to accomplish my goals of becoming a nurse and the first person in my family to graduate from college. Although many obstacles could stand in my way, I will overcome them by working hard and staying on the right track. Most importantly, I will achieve my goals of becoming a nurse and financially stable by taking the right path to insure for a positive future. Opportunities and challenges come hand in hand, but if I work hard to accomplish my goals, nothing will stand in my

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