Lucero Personal Statement

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Shawnacee Eggers Gali-Lucero Personal Statement In This Life How do I intend to make a mark in this world? What am I going to do to mean something in this life? What legacy will I leave behind? I, Shawnacee Lucero with what I aim to be in this life, I will make a mark, I will mean something and I will leave behind a legacy. For the 17 years I have lived, I have learned. All the experiences and tribulations that have occurred in these years have helped me bloom into the young adult I am today. I value the education that has touched my life, the sport of softball that has pillared my characteristic of commitment. Being the oldest of the big family I grew up in, has helped me mature and feel a love in having to care for …show more content…

This degree will acclaim myself as a registered nurse, this type of nurses are responsible for caring and educating patients about their current conditions and at best to help them improve by carrying out duties such as to “perform physical exams, provide health promotion, administer medications” ( and much more. I strongly envision that this career choice fits properly for me. The decision to be someone that cares for people, someone who needs to commit to learn, someone designed to have the hunger to work further only seems justifying for myself. The inspiration to be this someone came from my parents, teachers, friends and especially coaches. My parents who always remind me to be the finest caretaker I can be in this big family, my teachers, specifically one of them is Ms.Kelly,who influences me to always output my best self and reminds me that I can reach heights in life, my loving friend, Austyn Ah Choy, who never fails to note to me that I have the ability to show everyone that I can achieve greatness, and lastly my softball coaches who never give up on me and who help build my engagement towards hard work. To earn an associates degree in nursing and to acquire a certificate to become a registered nurse, it means I have to study two years in a college that offers this field of subjects. To accomplish this, it is necessary to remember to maintain a raised high school GPA average in order to be accepted into colleges, and therefore gaining access to

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