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The arrival of a new baby, especially the first always marks a new beginning for a mother. It comes with a lot of challenges more so if the mother is less knowledgeable about baby care. Take such as cleaning the baby for the first time, or feeding, it is not easy. The baby is still fragile and slippery and needs a special care. But if the mother is not ready for all these, or maybe, does not have any knowledge on what to do, the baby’s life might be endangered since the baby needs a special care which only the mother can give.


Within the first month, the baby feeds at least six times a day. This means their feeding will be after every four hours but do not try to regulate the baby’s feeding habit. Let them feed at their own time and …show more content…

Babies have REM sleep and not deeper non-REM sleep, meaning they wake up easily, besides they have not adapted to the night day system and so tend to sleep more during the day and active at night. As a mother, you have to make sure that the baby has a quiet sleep for good health by creating a good, clean and quiet environment.


Babies cannot talk but still in case of any discomfort or need for attention, they will communicate. They show different behavior to express how they feel. For the first one month, the most common is crying, it could be out of irritation because of the wet diaper or hunger. Whatever it is, the mother must try all possible means to find out, the behavior does not express something specific but by trying different things the mother finally finds out, just remember there is no right or wrong.


The baby loses weight after birth, this is because they are born with body fluid which they lose after birth. Then after two weeks, their weight stabilizes and they begin to grow, gaining weight of about 150 to 200 grams every week. You must take this into note since sometimes a baby is growing but no weight gain, it could be due to a health problem and it is ideal to speak to a pediatrician. But do not worry about the extra fat on the baby’s thighs, neck, arms or on the

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