Informative Speech On Premature Births

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Informative Speech Outline

Premature Births
I. Introduction

A. Attention Getter – Congratulations it’s a girl
1. This is the day that most expecting parents dream of; they finally get to meet their bundle of joy.
2. Imagine giving birth to your child, but don’t get the chance to meet your baby for several days because she needs immediate attention because she cannot breathe on her own.
a. Expected for Halloween, baby Catharine arrived on the Fourth of July, 16 weeks earlier than what was expected. Weighing in at 1 pound 10 ounces Catharine’s eyes were still fused shut. Catharine fought for every breath she took in result of her heart defect, bleeding in her brain, jaundice, and a heart murmur. Catharine spent 113 …show more content…

Transitional Statement – All of these complication and effects would make any parent try their best to carry out a full term pregnancy, unfortunately, the cause for preterm labors are often unknown. However, there are some things that increases the chance of preterm labor.

III. What causes preterm labor?

A. Though there is no specific medical reasoning for these early births there are things that decreases your chances of having a full term pregnancy.
1. For most of us it is common sense not to smoke, drink, or use any drug while pregnant. The toxins in each of these can cause miscarriages, and increases your risk premature labor and a low birth weight for your baby.
2. Age also plays a vital role in inducing your pregnancy. Women under the age of 17 and older than 35 are considered by doctors to be high risk for this reason.
3. When a mother is carrying multiples she is more than likely going to go into labor before her due date
4. Also, Short intervals between pregnancies have shown statistically that 20% of women who wait less than a year to conceive again go into labor before 37 weeks.
B. Those are just a few factors that play into preterm labor, but there are several more such as infections, stress levels, high blood pressure, preeclampsia, even being born premature increases the chances of your own baby being premature, and the list goes …show more content…

Long Term effects of Preemies

A. Can prematurity affect the babies in the long run?
1. Absolutely, the earlier the baby is born the greater the chance is for the baby to obtain long-term disabilities. Sometimes it isn’t recognized for several years, it can go as far adulthood until a health defect can be noticed.
2. Premature births can alter with the baby’s intellectual and developmental progression causing problem with the functioning of the baby’s brain.
i. This can delay the baby’s physical and learning development, its ability to communicate with others, and with the ability to care for itself. ii. The baby can also have behavior problems, ADHD, Autism, Neurological disorders, hearing loss, and several other disabilities.
3. Fortunately, with the thanks to the development of technology there are several cases to where the premature baby turns out to be completely health.
4. There are several children out there that was premature, but with the correct treatment and care you would never assume that the baby was anything other than happy.

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