Persuasive Speech About Giving Birth

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Giving birth to a child is one of the jubilant privilege gifted to a woman. The feeling of having a life grow within you, is beyond any comparison. The decision to become pregnant can be monotonous or planned. But, the emotional aspect of nurturing a life within you and then with you, is the actual feeling of motherhood.
With pregnancy as the reality of life in addition to it, we have a few typical old granny tales. Myths in context to giving birth are often heard! Here are a few that I planned to burst helping the future mothers. Following a stress free and unrestricted happy motherhood!

1.Should I try some body movements to help the sperms meet the egg!
It is one of the most vague statement ever read! According to this statement,women …show more content…

There are fears which are affecting the already mothers and mothers to be. They are in a way portraying pregnancy as a skeptic decision in life!
I am penning down five common fears of a lady about pregnancy. They will help you easily re-bounce from these low times!

1. I am losing myself!
When a woman decides to become a mother she experiences a whole new change in herself. In the process from nine months to nurturing the child, she somewhere sees losing herself. From an independent and single person, now she becomes a responsible mother. In this transition she usually feels low and perceives losing life, her identity, which is not true! You should remind yourself about your individuality and hard work.Cherish becoming a mother which is the most beautiful title to wear! Pat yourself as a perfect mother and lady with confidence!

2. Insecurity during pregnancy!
This is one of the most common fear that each women faces during pregnancy! Her body changes to varying size and the moods go for a roller coaster ride. During this time women start to feel they are no more loved by their husbands. This insecurity and low self-esteem increases the fear and even adds to anxiety! So, to overcome this feeling love yourself pamper ,stay happy, do things that make you happy! Last, Do not forget to accept your husband 's love without any

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