Sandy Hook Circumstantial Evidence Essay

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Many believe that the parents of the Sandy Hook victims conspired to murder their children, but what they fail to realize is that all their “ evidence” is just circumstantial. In court all types of various evidence is presented to the jury. According to Citizens Information “ The general rule is that circumstantial evidence is admissible. However, the courts are careful when the only evidence in a case is circumstantial evidence. Circumstantial evidence must be closely examined and it must be looked at cumulatively. In other words, a court would be very slow and unsettled to convict a defendant on the basis of a few pieces of circumstantial evidence” ( 4). In court the Sandy Hook Conspiracy would have trouble being found true due to the giant amount of …show more content…

The moment she gave birth something sunk into her mind, that she could never fully comprehend until that moment. As she holds her child in her arms, taking extra precautions, so that her child doesn’t get hurt, she realizes that it is now her job to take care of her baby. That her biggest concern is no longer herself, but the child who was not in her arms yesterday. That yesterday’s problems are no longer of concern to her. That it is her job to provide and raise a human being. There is no going back from this moment on. She is no longer just her mother’s child-- she is a mom. Her baby’s mom. It is as if her whole world changed in a blink of an eye, but despite the rapid change, she embraces it. She loves her child to an extent only a mother can imagine possible. She lives her life as if it is her job to protect her cub until the day she dies. To the hoaxers it makes sense that she would conspire to kill child just to show the world she can still act. Ultimately, arguing that the parents conspired to kill their own children is illogical due to lack of credibility of inferences and the strength of a parent of child

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