Documentary Summary: The Business Of Being Born

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I personally think that the film should include more risks that a woman takes or goes through during her pregnancy, such as drinking alcohol, or HELLP syndrome. A guest speaker, Jennifer Deane, mention that she used to smoke, and she often sobered herself up at a local bar. I thought it was brave of her that she told the whole class the truth of what she did during her pregnancy. Many women share limited about their pregnancy of what substances they put to feed their fetuses. The textbook mentioned that alcohol and tobacco are the some of the most harmful substance to the fetus. Smoking increased the likelihood of abortion, premature birth, and low birth weight, whereas drinking alcohol can cause the child to have a disorder called fetal alcohol syndrome (Levay and Baldwin, 2014). This part is also correlated with one of my classes, which I will talk …show more content…

I think that this film is informative about the different struggles women go through during their pregnancy. However, what is even more interesting is the documentary that we watch in class, The Business of Being Born (2008), and the guest speakers who tell us about their stories. The documentary included many pregnancies and birth processes, but it did not show mothers who abuse alcohol and drugs and the consequences that the children have to bear. The first time that I was exposed to women giving birth is from the documentary that we watched in class. Honestly, I was not prepare to those many births because I did think that the documentary would explicitly film women giving births. I did learn that there were many different types of way to give birth. I was curious about water births at before this class because I heard people mention about it. The documentary did a great job on showing women giving births in the water, and I think it is a unique way to give birth out of all the other

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