She & # 39 ; S Beautiful When She's Anger Feminism

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The movie, She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry, is a documentary about the history of the feminist movement throughout the end of the 1960s and 1970s. The film presents the standards of the time and how each group of feminists responded to the sexism they faced because of these standards. The film interviews the leading feminists of the time. It discusses the issues the women faced, like abortion rights, equal pay, and misogyny, when they were fighting for equality for women. The women interviewed were large feminist icons like, Betty Friedan and Muriel Fox. The film focused on individual cities and the movements within them that advocated for women’s rights. While the film is wonderful, and teaches people about the struggles women went through for their rights, it has some small errors. One issue is that the film presents each issue and as if they are no longer issues. The women speak as if these problems were past battles and the war is already won. For example, the controversy surrounding abortion. Women were conducting back-alley abortions at the time, and attempting to create safer environments for the procedure. While the entire matter was dangerous and the women operating on the pregnant women were brave for doing so, the film makes is seem as if the problems …show more content…

The film tells the story of Alice Paul and her fellow suffragettes. The story is fairly accurate to the real-life Alice Paul. The story demonstrates the problems Paul faced, especially with the outbreak of World War I. The film does not shy away from the abuse Paul and her companions faced when they were imprisoned, clearly drawing attention to the United States flawed past. Paul is presented as a strong-willed woman, who refuses to take no for an answer. Despite the government attempting to silence her with physical abuse, Paul never backs down when asking for basic human rights. The film ends with the passing of the nineteenth

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